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Best Practices for Facebook and Social Media

It can be horrifying and emotionally painful to see personal details of our private lives aired out on Facebook and other social media sites for anyone to see — details that we never imagined could be so public. It can be so easy to be hurt by an ex on social media.

Because social media sites are so commonplace in our lives, it doesn’t always occur to people to stop sharing personal information during a divorce. In fact, the emotions of divorce may make it even more tempting for people to share their feelings or lash out and hurt others. However, social media posts are being used more and more often as evidence during divorce and custody cases. If you’re worried about how your ex’s social media posts are affecting you, feel free to reach out to me for a personal consultation. We will find a time and place that will work best for you, and you won’t be disappointed.

Although one option is to choose to stay off social media completely during this period, there are some ways to use it to build an advantage.

As you go online, keep in mind the following:

Behave Your Best

It’s tempting to post a long rant about how your ex is ruining you and your life, or to air their dirty laundry in public so other people can be as angry at them as you are. However, when you’re on social media, you should always think about potential consequences to anything you post. A cute photo of your kids or of your daily life is fine, but if you want to rant to someone, then please call a trusted friend instead. An experienced attorney can also listen to your complaint and determine the course of action that is in your best interest.

Before you post anything, think about whether you would want the judge hearing your case to see it. If you don’t want it cross-examined in court, don’t put it on social media.

Facebook Practices

Save Those Posts

If there is a particular post that makes you angry, save it. Your ex might not be able to be on their best behavior even though you might be, and you could be able to use this to your advantage. If they make any denigrating comments about you or toward you, harass your friends or family, or post any pictures of themselves drinking or doing drugs, you should take and keep screenshots of these posts.

A lawyer can help you determine whether they can be admissible in court, whether to support a claim for child custody or used to prove marital misconduct.

Let an Experienced Attorney Help

In my decades of experience with family law, I’ve often seen people hurt their own chances of good outcomes regarding divorce and custody cases. I can help you avoid these mistakes if I am your lawyer as well as build a strong case for you. Please call me at 573-303-3015 or email me for an individual, private consultation with no obligation or pressure. Even if you choose another lawyer, I am certain you will gain knowledge from our conversation and be able to determine the best path to move forward.

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