On behalf of Jacquelyn S. Gonz, Attorney at Law LLC posted in Divorce on Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

Divorce affects all aspects of our life including our relationships, family and our homes; so it’s not a surprise that the effects of divorce often bleeds into our workplaces. But how do we address our separations in the office?

Luckily, there are many ways you can approach the topic of divorce with your coworkers, but there are four tips you should consider before declaring your single status during the next team meeting.

What to know before discussing divorce in the office

There are some steps you can talk to prevent unnecessary work drama after a divorce:

  • Take a few days off – Divorce is an emotionally-draining experience and takes a physical toll on your mind and health. It’s in your best interest to take a few days off to process the impending divorce and not focus on work. Consider taking one or two days off at a time, so you don’t waste all your vacation time.
  • Tell the right people – It’s a smart decision to alert some people of your situation. However, you want only to tell the right people or else you may become office gossip. Consider just telling your boss, supervisor and immediate coworkers, especially if you need to take time off for hearings or other divorce matters.
  • Make your job a priority – There are times when our careers take a backseat to our personal lives, but it doesn’t mean your job can’t remain a priority. Develop a strategy to keep your mind focused on work when you are in the office. It will help you start moving forward in your career and develop coping strategies during your time.
  • Don’t publicize your divorce at work – As stated before, divorce is a monumentalexperience that affects all aspects of your life. However, you need to try to keep your divorce out of the workplace. Try to maintain your professionalism and privacy by only talking about your separation with friends or family. You will only regret broadcasting your relationship problems to your colleagues in the long run.

These are tips that you have to implement on your own time. It won’t necessarily be easy to return to work after a painful separation, but you have to come back eventually. It’s best to go back in a way that only moves you forward in your career instead of pushing you back from a job you love.