On behalf of Jacquelyn S. Gonz, Attorney at Law LLC posted in Divorce on Thursday, June 13, 2019.
Ending a marriage is a traumatic event for most Missouri residents. It requires countless conversations with your ex, court proceedings and costly fees for attorneys. It’s not surprising that divorce often produces a significant amount of stress.
It makes sense to take time to put yourself first and de-stress during times of divorce. Luckily, there are several ways to practice self-care during a separation.

Seven tips to make self-care a priority

Despite divorce difficulties, you can still find time to care for yourself and de-stress after lengthy court proceedings. A few ways to practice care after separation are:
  • Sleep enough – Do not let anxiety or stress take away from excellent night sleep. Try to cool down the room or meditate before bed if you find trouble falling asleep.

  • Take care of your body – When people are overwhelmed by stress, they tend to push their health to the side. But regular exercise and healthy food build healthier emotional wellbeing and mentality.

  • Rely on your support system – Friends and family are an excellent resource during a divorce. Rely on them for socialization and support during this challenging period.

  • Set aside time to be emotional – Most people want to shove their feelings down so that they can move onto their routine. But it hurts your mental state in the long term. Set aside some time alone to relish in your emotions and process the separation.

  • Consider a support group – If you do not want to burden friends or family, try to find a divorce support group. It helps to meet people who are experiencing the same challenges as you. You may even pick up some great advice.

  • Practice self-love – Going through a divorce highlights our flaws, and it’s easy to dwell into what we hate about ourselves. Instead, take the time to show yourself some compassion and appreciate your strengths.

  • Look forward to the future – Divorce is only the first step to your new future. You may find that you will have a much better life due to this experience, so look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead..
It’s critical to give yourself time to process and heal after a dramatic divorce. Implementing a few of these tips help divorcees transition into a new life and embrace the opportunity for new relationships in the future.