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Mediation is a common solution for divorce settlements or child custody and other family law issues. However, it might not be best for you. You might have very different ideas from your spouse about who should be able to keep the house or whether to sell it. You might not agree upon joint or full custody. You might not be happy with how business profits are to be divided, or how to split up retirement and investment accounts. There are all sorts of areas to consider in a divorce settlement, and sometimes, a mediator can help resolve the minor details.

In general, during mediation, each party is represented by an attorney, and a trained mediator guides each party through a series of agreed-upon sessions. Neither party must accept the final settlement, however, until the mediator has drafted it and it has been reviewed and signed by a judge. From that point, the settlement is considered a court order and parties are bound to the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

However, sometimes, even the best mediator can’t settle the differences, and you may be facing a lengthy and demanding trial. Feel free to reach out to me for a personal consultation. We will find a time and place that will work best for you, and you won’t be disappointed.


The Courts Expect Mediation to Work

Often, the courts expect mediation to work so that both parties can avoid a trial, and this is ideal. I am trained as both a lawyer and a professional mediator, and I have seen the process help people close major gaps in their disputes. However, mediation isn’t always the best or easiest solution, which is why it’s important for you to have a lawyer on your side who is not just a trained mediator and understands that system, but one who is prepared to go to trial and argue your case.

When you are facing the possibility of mediation, you want someone who will be on your side and fight for you. Please call me at 573-303-3015 or email me for an individual, private consultation with no obligation or pressure. Even if you choose another lawyer, I am certain you will gain knowledge from our conversation and be able to determine the best path to move forward.

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