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One of the biggest concerns in divorce is how property will be divided. Who will get the house? Should the house be sold and the proceeds divided, and how will that affect children? Who will get the car(s)? Will your checking and savings accounts be divided equally? What about retirement funds and other investment accounts in both parties’ names?

Under Missouri law, all spousal assets (and debt) accumulated during the marriage are subject to being divided equally between parties. Many people assume and worry that this means assets, including property, are always split 50-50. However, assets are valued, and how assets are divided are open to negotiation — or litigation. Unless there is a prenuptial agreement that states specific assets are separate property, there are only a few exceptions to this law. To see about your own case, feel free to reach out to me for a personal consultation. We will find a time and place that will work best for you, and you won’t be disappointed.

Distributing and valuing property can be emotional and not just financial. We are attached to our property — not just our money or businesses, but our houses, furniture, and other objects, even down to our book collections and kitchen supplies. Division of property concerns often include:

  • Who gets the family house? (real estate)
  • How will 401(k)s, IRAs, and pension plans be divided? (retirement)
  • Who gets ownership control of a business, and what is its accurate value? (business property/debt)
  • How should future earnings, including stocks, be considered and calculated? (investments/other securities)
Property Division

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I understand complicated issues of property valuation and how to look at the long-term impact of any proposed settlement. If mediation or settlement negotiation doesn’t result in a fair settlement for you, I am willing to fight aggressively in court to get that result. Please call me at 573-303-3015 or email me for an individual, private consultation with no obligation or pressure. Even if you choose another lawyer, I am certain you will gain knowledge from our conversation and be able to determine the best path to move forward.

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