On behalf of Jacquelyn S. Gonz, Attorney at Law LLC posted in child custody on Thursday, April 4, 2019.

Two dads are tackling child custody laws in Missouri to change how courts perceive parents and “equal parenting” arrangements.

The fathers, Mark Ludwig and Jeremy Roberts, claim approach. Instead, it requires the judge to view the divorce in a fair manner and determine the schedule based on their perception. It relies less on facts and more on personal perspective.

Ludwig and Roberts argue it puts parents at a disadvantage and possibly reduces parenting time over false conceptions – such as mothers need more time with their children.

Both fathers pursued equal parenting time in past circumstances. In 2016, they were a part of a group that asks family courts to ask at least eight questions to determine the best arrangement for the child. It also asked judges to provide reasons for any agreements that weren’t 50/50.

Now the dads proposed a new bill into the house where the court presumes parents are fit for an equal portion of custody unless proven otherwise. If the judge has factual evidence to alter custody, the court will develop an arrangement around those facts.

The current standards in Missouri

If the fathers are successful, it will only strengthen the current rules for child custody. Right now, Missouri encourages judges to award equal custody time, especially when it is in the best interest for the child.

While the law does not mandate equal parenting time, it does lead the way for new bills to create a default custody plan where both parents receive equal time with their children after a divorce or separation.

If you are amid a child custody case, consider consulting with an attorney or a representative before any formal arrangements are made. You may learn insights that will strengthen your argument and lead to more time with your child.